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Virtual Parties and online services

Virtual Parties


We would never let anything get in the way of throwing a Party! So we're bringing the party to your very own living room. Imagine that, fun-filled, awesome party games from the comfort of your home! We're using Zoom to host…

Birthday Messages


We can ask one of our Superhero or Princess friends to record a personal message for your little one's special day. All you need to do is send us some information (name, age, favourite song, pets names etc) and we'll…

Live Birthday Chat


Book a one-to-one live video chat so your little one (and the whole family) can speak to their favourite hero from the comfort of your living room. Ask Captain America, Princess Ariel and many more all the questions you've been dying…

Bedtime Stories


As a way of spreading a smile or two at a difficult time, we've been hosting free bedtime stories for children (and big kids!) on Facebook Live. Your favourite heroes reading your favourite bedtime stories. You might even hear a…